Friday, May 28, 2010

It's 4:14 AM and I"m just now writing this post...

Hi Friends!

I'm writing this post to you from Vegas; no, I'm not drunk.  It's 4:15 am and it may be my last post to you until the weekend is over.  I was so slammed with work and getting ready to leave yesterday (and other things) that I didn't have time to write this post before I left.  I figured once I got here, I'd write no problem.  But then I got here, and now I'm realizing that me just writing posts everyday isn't going to happen. :) 

So far things are going well.  The challenge seems to be helping me make good choices.  All day long things like "$625!" pop in my head when I see a treat or feel too lazy to work out, so that's good.  I did have a little dove chocolate last night with my din but kind of felt a little sick afterwards.  Might not have been the dove's fault, but I kind of think it was.  My stomach just got 'tight' for a few minutes, not sure.  Also went for a 4.5 mile run yesterday and I always forget how much running relaxes me.  I ran along the beach path and was mentally struggling with some anxiety/stress beforehand and about 20 minutes in I was able to mute everything and just move.  The hum and drum of your body and your breathing and the ocean waves and the salty air mixed with seagulls dipping for their lunch; mixed with surfers bobbing in the water...all of it drowns out the crap thats milling around in your head when you run, and I love that.  Plus I passed a lady running back home and that pushed me to run harder (so she wouldn't pass me back) and I almost felt like I was racing again (traces of races past ran through my mind), and that felt good too because it's been awhile since something spurred me into sprint mode.  Why do I always wait way too long to start running again?  My body missed it and sometimes I don't realize it until I'm pounding it out on the pavement and I love that too.  Just a bunch of love for the run I guess. :)

Running will be my main workout while I'm here in Vegas this weekend.  I carefully packed all my gear yesterday while I was getting ready for this trip and it was kind of a delicate process to get everything in my suitcase.  Again, I loved it.  I loved placing my running shoes face down on my clothes, and charging my iPod and packing that, and then closing my bag and knowing that I'll be hitting the pavement hard in a new place.  It'll be good to run here too because this is where the Ragnar will be so at least I'll have a good idea of how much the elevation difference affects me.  A friend of mine stopped by my house yesterday while on a run of his own and he's also on my team for Ragnar; and he just got back from a run/race in Denver- so we talked at length about the elevation differences of the places he's been running lately.  Denver is so much higher elevation wise than Huntington Beach; but Vegas shouldn't be enough to really cuz me to feel like I'm suffocating (right?) we'll see.  I'll keep you guys posted on what I find...

I just realized I'm hungry.  Is it wrong to snack at 4:30 am?  I feel like it could I'm just going to make myself go to bed. 

XOXO - Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!



  1. LOVE running - I just got back into it proud of you! Did you get your posterboard? LOL
    BEHAVE....if you can! Loves you!

  2. Yay Diz. Pound that pavement dear! Keep the cardio up.xoxoxoxo Have lots of fun!

  3. You make that "running on the beach" thing sound all too attractive. Keep up the motivation! 625-625-625!

    Have the most fun weekend ever!

  4. xoxox Behave yourself but have fun!!!

  5. Have fun in Vegas girlfriend, wish I was with ya. I'm going to have to check out this Vegas place someday! I love that you're running, isn't it just the best! Chat when you get back, we'll be looking forward to hearing about your trip. xoxoxo

  6. I miss you! I miss you! I wish I could be there with you! I'll be back there in September though. hehe