Monday, May 17, 2010

Committing again.

I'm in hopes that the tides are turning.

Today a certain someone (blogger friend- you know who you are) challenged me to go to the gym, and for the first time in 3 weeks (longer if I really think about it), I actually took the challenge and went.  It felt good.  It was a short trip, but my iPod died and I had NOTHING to do while on the stairmaster.  No music, no magazines, no tv- nothing, so I got bored and had to cut it short.  It was still good to go today.  I also had no soda for the first time in who knows how long.  I've been downing Diet Coke because I've been so tired lately that caffeine seemed to be the only thing that has helped me get through the day.  But even though I was exhausted yet again today (was up til 2:30 last night...took someone to the emergency room), I didn't drink any soda.  I feel better.  Not a LOT better, but better.  It's 10:21 now and I'm planning on being in bed by 11 tonight.  The goal this week is to be in bed by 11 every night this week. :)  And no soda.  :)  And more gym.  That's the most I can commit to right now.

I hope I am able to see at least SOMETHING on the scale this week because I am still very discouraged.  Not to be a whiner, but it's so hard to turn things around when you don't feel like it matters anyway, you know?  But I think if I could just see some kind of drop, I would be more encouraged to get back on the wagon and make this happen.  I have to keep reminding myself, it's only 5 pounds.  I'm not THAT far away from where I was...I'm acting like I gained back every pound I've ever lost plus some.  But I can see it in my face and body, so I just keep wallowing in my fatness instead of trying to do something about it.  So, we'll see.  Like I said, the goals are to not drink soda, get my sleep (which will be huge for me), and go to the gym.

XO friends!


  1. Hey lady...It's all about setting little goals for yourself (well, I do that hehe) And look, in the end, you did them!! Amazing!!

  2. Beautiful! Little commitments go along way! You know that! So proud of you!

  3. Good goals for the week! You so are going to nail them!

  4. I'm glad you went to the gym.. it lets you know you still got it:) Have you been running at all lately? You're such a superstar runner, I hate to see you putting it on the backburner. I still remember when I first started reading your blog and you would be like "oh yeah went out for a 7.2 mile run today".. i'd be like wth?!? here i'm thinking I'm badass cause I run 3.. this girl is my idol. You made me want to push myself to run further. Oh You're still my idol Dizzy.. I love ya! xo