Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

I am starting to get back on track...and I love it.  I finally put up the mirror in my room, and actually being able to see myself again is SHOCKING.  Um...funny how your whole perception of yourself changes when you see yourself in the mirror regularly.  I haven't been seeing myself, so I think that's been a big hindrance that I didn't realize until I started seeing myself again. :)  When you're not expecting to see yourself in your bra while looking for a shirt and then...there you are, it changes things...GREATLY.  There I am...all plump and fleshy again. UGH.  The mirror does wonders for getting me in gear, I tell you...

While I haven't made it to the gym yet today, I have eaten pretty good.  Still had a Coke Zero this afternoon, but snacks and meals have been better than usual.  I'm planning on gym tonight.  It's slow- I don't really feel the desire in my heart yet, but I am feeling better energetically and I'm hoping in time it will come.  I miss feeling healthy and strong.  I'm kind of excited about being back on track; just have to cut the soda/diet drinks now and get back to working out and I should be good...

In other news, I have a date tomorrow night.  Larry. :)  Funny that I cut the concert with Dan and now I have a date with Larry in place of the concert.  A small part of me wishes I was going to the concert- it is just so much more comfortable to be with Dan because I already know him and don't have to go through the awkwardness of a first date.  But I just have to keep telling myself- be up for a new adventure Dizzle!  It could be fun! And I had great conversation with Larry the other night when I met him at the smore thing.  He called me last night and we chatted for a few minutes and he is VERY polite and seems to "have it together".  I hope we have fun.  :)

On a random side note- Just saw a commercial for Karate Kid and got goosebumps.  What the what????  Who DOES that?  I need help.




  1. Oh, Diz, the possibility of a new romance, how exciting! I hardly believe that you're plump and fleshy, however, remember that Larry is attracted to you in (what you perceive to be) this state.

    OK, I need to take inspiration from you and really get back on the rampage that you (prematurely) credited me with.... Been a tough two weeks of baseball (sitting on my butt watching), but the (high school) season ended tonight.

    Have a good time tomorrow night and be yourself. Larry will fall under your (enchanting) spell!

  2. oh have fun on your date tomorrow night D.. make sure you fill us in with all the juicy details.

  3. Have fun on your date! And never fear! Alot of times we get stuck doing things because they are comfortable, but you would never have come so far in this weight loss and excersize if you only stayed in the comfort region. You never would have made so many self discoveries if you stayed in your comfort region! And yes alot of times new things are scary, but its also exciting! Chin up beautiful, sometimes you have to go up a hill so you can get the view of the valley...xoxoox

  4. Have fun, be your charming and cute self and you will do just fine sweetheart! xoxo