Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lakers how I love thee.

OMG The Lakers WON!!!!!  Best game of my life- I swear.

Okay, there have been a few football games that have been as intense as Game 7 was tonight.  But this one ranks up there in the top 3 all time most intense, fun games of my life.

Larry and I had plans last Thursday but I cancelled him because it was NR's last night in town before she left and I wanted to hang out with her.  We moved the date to tonight- but then while trying to decide what we were going to do- he mentioned that it was Game 7 and wanted to know if we could go watch the game somewhere, and of course it was already on my mind so I was glad he brought it up.  We decided to go out to a place that was "high energy" (bar) and he called a few friends to join us.  The game was SUPER fun, but the people who came were random and no one knew each other really, so it was a little interesting.  The good news is Larry invited everyone, and who came?  Some cute new guy, of course. :)  Normally I would NEVER try to meet a new guy while on a date, but Larry was across the table and barely talked to me the whole night- in fact a mutual friend of Dan's and mine came and I was really thankful he was there because otherwise I would've had no one to talk to for awhile, until the new cute guy showed up and the mutual friend left.

I can't tell if Larry is interested or not- we make plans and we flirt a lot when we're in public, but we rarely ever spend anytime alone and we've never cuddled or kissed or anything (of course now as I type this out, it seems obvious, doesn't it).  In fact, now that I think about it- the only time we've been alone was on the first date.  But he keeps asking me out!  I think he gets caught up in the moment when we run into each other at social events and we have fun flirting so then he gets confused and asks me out.  But then when it comes time to go out, he always brings other people or invites large groups of people because he doesn't want to be alone...which is fine.  I could be completely off base here- the thing is I have no idea WHAT is going on in his mind.  He's asked me out 3 times now.  Eh...whatever.  Either way I don't really care.  I'm not feeling it a whole lot, and I don't think he's feeling it a whole lot either.  I'm trying to figure out a way to transition our situation to friendship without confusing him or having a conversation about it.  I really enjoy him and think we'd have a blast as friends.  He's a fun flirt and a great guy and I'd love to hang out with him still...

As far as the rampage- it went OK today.  I worked out of course and ate healthy all day until the game.  We were at the Yardhouse and that place has NO healthy options whatsoever.  Plus appetizers are half off during happy guess what we ordered?? Surprise!  You're right- a ton of appetizers.  Chicken Nachos, Spinach Dip, Sliders, Fries, Chicken Tenders, Seared Ahi Sashimi, Fire Wings (a lot of chicken!)...  The good news is I really worked hard on portion control, eating slowly, and I popped a piece of gum in my mouth the minute I felt somewhat satisfied.  I did drink 3 diet cokes, so I'll probably be up for the rest of the night...but it was Game 7!  Tomorrow night my old roommate that moved to LA is coming into town to play.  She wants to go to In-N-Out for dinner and I'm torn. Of course I want to play do I get out of it?  I am on a rampage right now and I have weigh in Saturday morning.  The last thing I need to eat is a heavy, greasy burger and fries.  It needs to be a light din...I have a goal and in order to make goal I can NOT have In-N-Out.  Even the Protein Burger is pushing it (in my mind).  I haven't had any meat for 3 days, btw...

My rampage is feeling good and I could tell a little in the mirror today!  It's happening!  I don't want to reveal how much I've lost until it's official on the WW scale, but I'm feeling pretty good about things.  I've got a goal number and I'm close and I think I can make it! WOOOOT!!!!

Good night and good luck on your own rampages!!!



  1. Heck yeah! I am on my way out to your coast on Wed! I didn't catch any tv last night but I heard people lost their minds after the game. Sounds like you had a ball.
    I think you're right about Larry - but it sure is fun just to have someone to go out with from time to time. Did you get the cute guys info? Or give him yours?
    So tell me about In N Out Burger - my cousins insist we go - I hear there's a special way to order? Are the fries and shakes really worth the splurge? Keep in mind I won't get to a gym for 16 days!

  2. Great Job D! Hopefully your friend will undertand your goals are more important that the could still go with her & bring your own meal & take her meal to go & eat somewhere outside...just a thought! I can't wait to hear your weigh in results! Tell us more about new guy...

  3. LOVE this post and LOVE have to know that even when I don't comment every time I read EVERY word you write and then send you prayers and good luck and strength in your rampage and in figuring out those people who are card carrying members of the penis club. Loves you!