Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The track feels GOOOOOOOOOD...

What up!!!!

Yesterday the scale was pretty harsh, but because I was in such a fog from not sleeping for two days (I felt like I was in an alternate universe), it didn't seem to phase me much.  Today, luckily, I'm still not letting it phase me.  Instead I'm headed to the gym with NR to get an intense, high energy workout in.  We're also going grocery shopping, which is good because I need healthy foods if I'm going to do this.  I also told her that I will NOT go out for a few days because it is also my goal to get a few really good nights of sleep.  Thanks to a FABULOUS follower's tip, I've also created a little motivational corner in my room for myself...from HOT PINK poster board stating my goals and pictures that motivate me, to a calendar with stickers to track my progress and help me stay focused on how many days I have to go.  WOOT!

It will also be good that I have the Ragnar Relay to focus on after the Biggest Loser Challenge is finished because I've been nervous about going into a funk after the contest is over.  This gives me a good solid 5 months of focus and working out to work on- hopefully I will be in a nice habit formed place and will be used to it by then so I won't plummet. ;)

It seriously helps that NR is on the rampage too- we've been swapping stories and tips, motivating each other and reminding each other of the things we DON'T want to do, plus she just found a weight lifting class to go to tonight (two-a-days baby!!).  She helps me stay motivated and encourages me when I'm down and tired and don't want to think about it.  She told me this weekend she could already tell in my face and neck/shoulder area that I was losing a little, and that encouraged me to keep going when normally I would've lost steam.

I'm so glad I decided to do this challenge because it was just the pick me up I needed to re-focus and get back on track!



  1. Weeehaaww - I loves me some pink posterboard!

  2. can i move in with you guys? I need to be on a rampage, geez.

    my idea of a rampage is switching from Dr pepper to Diet Coke.

  3. It's good to see you so motivated again! This challenge is exactly what you needed, it also sounds fun!
    Best of luck!

  4. I'm so happy that you have a roommate that motivates you so much! You're so lucky, its sounds like you guys are a perfect fit ;) Lovin Dizzy on a Rampage!! xoxoxo

  5. That's great about you and NR being rampagers together. I'm so glad that your new roommate arrangement is working out in general, and to gain a friend and kindred spirit is quite a bonus!

    Thanks for your kind pick-me-up on my whiny post today. Maybe I need an NR, not a husband or a son! Just kidding, of course....

    Go, Diz, go! Rampage away!