Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update Post

Well, yesterday was a hit and today looks like it's going to be another hit as well.  Went to the gym today and sweat my ass off.  I didn't lift yesterday or today- I've decided yet again to switch things up and try lifting every OTHER week instead of all the time.  So this week is cardio week.  I'm running and stairmastering like a crazy woman.  It feels really good to just sweat it up and sweat it all out.

I'm also trying to eat better...so today I cut up a cantaloupe, some jicama, some celery, and some watermelon to pick at in the fridge when I want a snack.  Had a nice snack of cantaloupe, jicama and hummus while I was cutting things up.  Yes, it was the hummus from the mafia mart.  That stuff is seriously ridiculous.

Other than that, nothing is really new around here.  I would tell you a dating story but oh- that's right- I don't have one.  "Action" in that area has been slow to nil lately.  I'm trying to just wait patiently for either Brad to come back to CA, or for some other amazing guy to appear.  I went out with my friend Elissa the other night and on our way to a party we stopped at the gas station and I managed to make eye contact with some cutie and ask him what was up and where he was going, but that didn't turn into anything because even though it's fun, I don't really care about meeting random dudes.  He was nice and invited me and Elissa to join him and his buddies at a local bar but we opted to head to our party instead.  I mean, I met him at a gas station!  He was cute though...

The thing is, I want the right guy- not just any guy- you know?  I know I know, he could've been the right guy and I just didn't give him time to prove it to me.  ;) But guys like that come and go everyday and it doesn't phase me.

I hope the Lakers win tonight- just sayin.




  1. Yippee on sweating like a madwoman...I love that feeling.

  2. I met my wife Anita at a gas station... or maybe it was a party... or maybe it was party at a gas station.

    Great going on all the kick-ass cardio!

  3. hahaha. Congrats on not wanting "just any guy!"

    gotta tell you, tho. I met my husband at a gas station. We were married six months later. hahaaha. Really. lol.


    P.s. I really AM NOT recommending that!

  4. Diz, you're motivating me to run! I'm going to do it I swear, right after this delish coffee. Oh and that sodium content scared the crap out of me. I actually weighed 0.2 less today so I'm taking that as a blessing and not messing around anymore this week. I miss you, lets catch up soon. No boys? Whats up the with Larry?

  5. I love that you are kickin' it hard core lady!!
    And I hear ya about not just finding 'any guy'. Don't do it. Wait and they will come. Or atleast that's what everyone says...Ha!

  6. Great job pushing it! Loving the motivation! Keep it up