Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sicky sicky

I think I'm getting sick.

For one thing, I woke up tired and I haven't been very hungry today.  But I'm not 'full on' sick yet, which makes me wonder...should I try to go running anyway?  I didn't go this morning because I just wanted to sleep in (so tired).  While driving into work I thought to myself- I'm getting sick- that's what it is (I just don't feel know what I mean?).  But right now I'm like...I'm not that sick, I could probably run.  Should I?  I'm a firm believer that if you don't take care of yourself, you'll just get worse.  I'm drinking airborne right attempts to "take care of myself".  However, I also know sometimes you can push the limits and be okay...Is this one of those times?

I've been doing so well on my diet lately!  I've been in control of my eating- eating super healthy foods and running quite a bit.  I want to keep up the rampage- but I also don't want to get sick over the weekend.  What to do what to do!!!!????

What do you think?



  1. I say "take care of yourself". Maybe a walk instead of a run? If you feel like speeding up, OK then. If you're gettting a cold, exercise won't make it worse.

  2. Definitely take care of yourself!

  3. I agree with them. You know your body and when you're not feeling 100%. I'd do a lighter workout or take a rest day if you don't start feeling better.

    Thanks for the blog comment. I miss you too! I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading lately. We've been staying pretty busy. Oh yeah...and I got a new job that I'll start in Augusy! :)

  4. Yes I agree. Also since it's really while you are resting that your body build up its strengh and the training being merely the trigger that tells the body to grow stronger I think you can easily justify taking some little time off and let your body rest:)