Friday, July 23, 2010

To run or not to run..

Thank you all for the advice to take off and rest my body!!!

I wish I would've gotten your advice sooner.  I ended up going for a little run anyway. :)  I just couldn't help myself!!!  It was just a 3.5 mile jog...but of course I could tell I was sick because yesterday and today's runs were a little harder, and the way I was sweating yesterday wasn't normal.  It wasn't that I was over sweating or was just a different sweat than normal...almost like the cold sweats, but not.  If that makes sense.  Weird.  But I don't feel much more sick- my throat is just scratchy and I'm not super that's good.  It was a risk and I think I made it! Wooot!

This morning I woke up in the best mood.  So of course, I had to go running again.  I've logged 26.5 miles this week! Can you believe this?  I know- you probably think I'm insane.  I sound more insane than I actually am.  I'm training for a race, so this kind of mileage isn't unexpected.  But it's a lot for me.  3 of my runs have been 6 milers.  Than I had a 5 miler on Tuesday and a 3.5 yesterday.  CRAZY.  :)  I'm so happy about it though.  I feel so alive- so healthy, strong and good.  And a little sick. :)

I'm excited for the weekend too...hope you all have a good weekend!




  1. You're die impressive.

  2. GASP! LOL! Chuckle.

    You know my vision isn't good--when I looked at your weeks miles of 26 point 5, I thought it said two HUNDRED sixty-five miles. lol.

    Should've had a camera on THAT double take. lol.

    Glad you're feeling better, fierce girl. And thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate your comment. :)


  3. My goal is to walk 15 miles this week. I've done only nine so far, but I can make the goal if I walk tomorrow and Sunday.

    OK, how much do you want for three of your miles? Will you take a credit card?

    Take care of yourself and stay well. Hope you have an exciting weekend!

  4. I'm excited for you Diz... running really does make you feel all those things and you're inspiring me to run even though its my day off.. hehe.. love ya miss ya.