Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weigh in.

Today was weigh in!!!

I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but that's okay.  I lost .4 pounds- gained a whole pound since yesterday's weigh in.  But TOM is here!  Ah well...a loss is a loss.  I'll take it.  I read on someone's blog once that losing .02 pounds is the same amount as losing a teaspoon's size of fat; and .4 pounds is equivalent to losing a bar of soap.  I guess I lost a bar of soap off my ass this time.  I'LL TAKE IT!!!

I did run 6 miles this morning...that felt AWESOME.  I am starting to remember why I just love running so much.  There were several times in the run that I wished I had my camera so that I could show you guys how awesome my run is; but alas I didn't take it today.  Maybe tomorrow if you're lucky. :)  My runs are starting to get a little smoother and more even keeled (which is good).  I really pushed myself to sprint hard the last 7 blocks to just push myself a little more...I mean, I realized today- why not push myself?  I hate pushing myself sometimes, but it's MY workout.  It affects MY body- so I should push it and really try to burn every last calorie I can...right?  Plus Ragnar is next month.  I haven't been training.  Any little thing I can do to help get myself in better shape quick, I will do. :)  I feel like the queen of the world if I push myself even an ounce. :)

Tonight I went to an event for a friend of mine who is doing the Mormon Bachelorette.  It was a nice little soirée event where everyone dressed up and we had "mocktails" (since mormons don't drink) and she was introduced and some of the bachelors were there- etc.  I took a few snapshots before I left with one of my close girlfriends, you'll recognize her from other pictures I've taken in the past as well, and a few other friends of ours that were around jumped in and snapped a few with us too.  I love my friends in Huntington Beach!  Normally I wouldn't post these, but since the other girls asked me to post them on facebook, I decided to add them here as well so those of you who aren't my friends on facebook can see them too!  There are only a few- but here they are: (I'll post some more pics of the event once they're posted on FB):

What's new with YOU????



  1. Love the dress and girl a weight loss with TOM is like scaling the Eiffel Tower! Go Diz

  2. Keep up the running; maybe I'll add a side bar like yours...did 4 miles yesterday & some days you feel like you can go forever & some days, well...Keep up the good work!

  3. so glad you posted the pics! You look beautiful! You do! :D Deb

  4. hey girl.. i miss you.. i've been so sick lately I haven't been online. You look so beautiful in your pic btw. I wanted to ask you if I could steal your idea to track your miles on your sidebar. I think it would motivate me and of course I would track in kilometers.. just to be different.. miss ya love ya sexy lady. congrats on the 0.4... i lost .2 this week and I'm trilled

  5. Look at you - you sexy thing in that little black dress! LYG!

  6. You look awesome in your LBD! And, your hair is the perfect length! And, of course, your smile and your pretty face..... Overall gorgeous!

  7. Hey Hey,
    I stumbled over your blog today and I just had to tell you I'm enjoying your blog. Your awesome. I became a follower and I'm looking forward to keeping up and leaving comments. I hope you will check out my blog, and become a follower. I have a button, and I'd like to add you to my blog roll. I hope you have a lovely weekend. God Bless You and Yours


  8. A loss is a loss! And I can't wait to get up to running 6 miles. I'm stuck at 3 right now, and even that is way slow. But I'm sure you're beachside run is a motivation...