Monday, October 4, 2010

I ran to Hell and back.

I did it!

I got off my ass and went outside and went for that run I was dreading...and I'm so glad I did.  I feel soooooo much better.  It started out kind of shaky...About 2 miles in my uterus was RAGING and I almost threw up.  Seriously- I hardly every have to stop and walk because of cramps.  It's not even TOM, but it IS around the corner (week before).  My mouth was salivating and my breathe was shallow (because really I was heaving)...and I was irate.  I kept trying to push through it.  I just kept thinking- first a trip home, then I was sick...I'm NOT going to let cramps stop me now!  But unfortunately they did stop me for a little while. I had to walk and eventually stop and watch the ocean for a minute while I tried not to throw up.  The good news is- I was out in the middle of no where so I had no choice but to keep running, and turn around and run back home.  I was ALMOST to my 2.5 mile turn around spot when I finally gave in and turned around.  But then something interesting the time I jogged back to my street, I was feeling awesome and decided to keep going.  I passed my street and kept going and let me tell you- it felt amazing!  I ran fast and hard.  My breath was on point, my body was on point- everything was working so great and I was so happy.  I was LOVING that run!

And now I'm home.  I just used to log my distance because I went a different route than normal (I passed my street, kept going all the way to Main Street downtown, then looped back around and came home), but the map says I only ran 5.5 miles.  I'm having a seriously hard time believing that's only how far I went; so I'm going to go log it in my car to make sure.  ;)

Yay me!

While running, I was thinking about this little tantrum of mine.  I started thinking about another bloggers blog today and how hard she is working to get the last 5 pounds off.  And how hard I've been fighting...for get these last 10 pounds off.  It has been the fight of my life- and sometimes it pisses me off.  Sometimes I get really close.  Sometimes I am seriously motivated.  And sometimes I get discouraged.  But other times, like tonight, I push through and then I'm so proud of myself and elated.  Sometimes I amaze myself and I'm so proud of myself.  Sometimes I'm on point and so close to goal I can actually see it.  :)

This is it folks- this is our lives.  Every day we get up and we fight the same struggle.  We have to make choices everyday;  Every day we're either going to eat well or not;  we're going to either work out or we're going to lay on the couch and gorge on muffins.  We think it's not a big deal- tomorrow we'll have to make the same choices again.  Most of the time it's not a big deal.  But then again- it becomes a big deal because over time- those choices add up and we're either happy with our progress or we're miserable because we're not making progress (or we're sliding backwards).  So while every choice may seem small and insignificant- think about it.  It may just be breakfast today- or a treat at work...but it either adds upon what you did yesterday- or it will take away from what you're trying to accomplish.  Every choice.

That's all of my speech tonight- I'm going to go track that mileage!



  1. I knew you could do it! I'm so proud!

  2. Wahoo, fierce girl! Great pep talk--much wisdom and insight. :D (You know I like wisdom and insight. chuckle.) Deb

  3. You are a fighter, Diz!

    Honestly, you weren't selling me on the first half of that run. Pretty amazing that it had such a good ending!

    You are so right about choices. So much for the donut my co-worker offered me today: bad choice...