Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Fall!

Sometimes you just have to take a night off.

I had no intentions of taking this night off- in fact...my goal was to run 8 miles.  Instead- I come home to roomie surprising me with hot chocolate, movies from Red Box, and this:

How can I possibly say no?

Just so you know, we're watching a ridiculous movie right now...and my hot chocolate is gone.  So are the 8 miles...for this night.  Sigh...maybe tomorrow, right?


  1. Ah - it's our day off....we're connected in spirit. I never moved from the couch - had a migraine to boot. Tomorrow - fo sho. ILYGM

  2. if you don't take a night off from time to time you will crash. Sounds like a beautiful way to recharge your batteries.

  3. Beautiful place! I love fireplaces:-) Kick some butt today, hoorah! (No idea how to spell that, but hopefully you get the gist!)

  4. Well the fire is too tempting! sometimes you have to alot your self a day off or some you time. Everything in balance dear.