Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fat Flush away...

My new workout buddy/trainer friend Mandy and I decided today that we're going to attempt to do Fat Flush for 2 months.  I'm scared and excited.  I don't know if I can hang on for 2 months- but if I can, I think it will be the longest I've eaten such a clean diet in my life.  What will it feel like to have sugar, white flour, starchy carbs, and processed foods out of my system?  I don't even know.  How much more energy will I have?  Will I look younger too (please)?  What it's going to boil down to for me is discipline.

I'm going to have to work hard for these two months anyway because Ragnar is towards the end.  I'm still debating on dropping off the team.  Not because I'm scared or don't think I can do it- I've done it before.  I'm worried that I have too many things on my plate and I get stressed easily.  I have all kinds of lovely crap happening at work, I may or may not be moving at some point in the near future- which was also unexpected and stressful, and now I'm going to have this killer diet that I'm going to have to deal with.  Don't get me wrong- I'm not saying "I'm going to have to deal with" in negative terms.  I am excited about doing Fat Flush.  But in order to be successful with this- I'm going to have to stay focused.  Focused on trying new recipes, shopping, planning, logging and journaling....all things I don't do now.  I just feel like all of that on my plate INCLUDING Ragnar might just be a little too much.  We'll see- I'll try to give it a go and see how things work out.

We're going to do Fat Flush to the fullest this time too.  Last time I didn't buy all the supplements- this time I got everything except one (lipase- where the crap do you find lipase?).  I also didn't do the trampoline work outs- this time around Mandy is looking for a trampoline for us too.

I'm also happy about this because I have been thinking for the last week that I really want to be on a more structured program when it comes to my eating...for life.  I know it's hard and sometimes we fall.  But I have no structure what so ever.  I eat whatever I want; when I want.  I get upset if I eat too much sugar or don't work out, but most of the time I choose these things in the moment and of course, that leaves me open to choosing not to do something.  Or to do too much of it (sugar).  Or in other words, it's based off of how I feel in the moment- and we all know that isn't a good way to make a decision.  I just think I'm more successful if I have a plan.  I could be more successful with weight loss if I have a plan.

Sometimes in the past I've done something like Weight Watchers and it worked (I totally believe in WW program), but I didn't plan past losing 2 pounds a week to get to my goal.  I didn't prepare myself for what I would do if I didn't meet the goal.  I didn't plan on how I could be most effective in getting to that goal.  I would just make a goal and start counting points and hope the rest fell into place.  I've been thinking about this a lot and I'm starting to realize, I need more structure in order to be more successful at this.  So that is what i'm trying to do with this Fat Flush 2 month plan.  I just hope I can plan enough to keep myself from having a fall...

Okay, either tomorrow or Monday- depending on when we officially start- I will post pre- pics and pre weights/measurements, yada yada.  I will also write out my goals for this other than- be healthy and how I plan to achieve these goals.  I won't be posting rewards because I don't want to focus on any reward other than feeling better.  The reward here is me being a healthier- happier girl. :)

I'll keep you guys posted on the events as they unfold!!!



  1. This all sounds good, Diz!

    If you can do fat flush for two months, I mean, what will be left of you? You'll jump up on the trampoline and there won't be any weight to bring you back down.

    You make a great point about the need to have a plan and more structure. Attempting to eat low-cal and working-out when we feel like it isn't enough. Too much margin for error!

    Good luck with all of this. I'm glad you have a friend to do it with. Can't wait to read about your results! Go, Diz, go! VE-GAS! VE-GAS!

  2. :D Wahoo! Sounds like a plan and a buddy to do it with! :D

    When I was working on cutting out gluten, I strung beads. It was oddly effective.

    For every day I stayed on plan, I put a yellow bead on my string. Every day I went off plan, I added an orange bead. (I dislike the color orange.)

    I so disliked the orange bead on there messing up my string of sunny yellow beads, that I actually would put food down rather than eat something that would force me to add that orange bead.

    Like I said, it was oddly motivating and rewarding--and turned out to be a great way to track what I was doing. I could count down and see that I ate when this or that happened.

    You could certainly mark days on your calendar or check off days in a journal. I personally hate pen & paper tallies.

    Even though you are determined to NOT have an off-plan day, it turns out that a visual tracking of that perfect string of days is kind of cool. :D

    Well. At least it was for me. chuckle. But I'm around a three year old a lot. lol.


  3. Is it The Fat Flush Plan by Gittleman? I just found that one in my library system and put it on hold. I'm excited to see what this is all about.

    It sounds like you have a solid plan and support. You will rock this!

  4. Diz I know that you can do this and if you feel your plate is overwhelmed than you may have to drop out. But don't feel guilty this is your journey and you can only fit 5 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag before you have to worry about it breaking. I know your strong Diz and you gotta a lot of what ifs ahead, but they are all opportunities onto themselves :) Stay posotive

  5. Deb; I like that idea a lot!

  6. My friend at work just told me about this plan. She's 105 pounds and I'm 160. Can you see the injustice here? She has always been thin but started this plan for the feel-good affect. I've been observing for months now ... and I'm actually getting movitated. My reasons, honestly, are initially weight loss. But when I stop and think about what is actually in some of the foods that I consume, I get a panicky feeling about what is actually going on inside my body and what's being done to my organs. So you will have to let us know how this is going. Support is the key to the success door.